The Fisherman

One day, a successful businessman was lounging on a beach when he saw a fisherman bring in his catch for the day. The businessman asked, “How much did you catch today?”.

“Just enough to live well with my family”, came the reply.

The businessman asked, “It’s early, what will you do the rest of the day?”.

The fisherman thought about it and said “I’ll cook some of the fish and eat them with my family. Afterwards, I’ll take a nap by the beach, play around with my kids, have dinner, go for a few drinks with my friends, then go to sleep with no worries in the world.”

The businessman probed, “Why didn’t you stay in the sea longer so you can catch more fish?”

“And what will I do with more fish?”

“With more fish, you can get a bigger boat. With a bigger boat, you can catch even more fish. If you have a lot of fish, you can sell them until you become very rich.”

Then what will I do when I become very rich?”, the fisherman asked.

The businessman answered, “When you are rich, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore – you can retire and enjoy each day by eating with your family, taking naps by the beach, playing with your kids, going for drinks with friends, and sleeping at night without any worries in the world.”

The fisherman replied, “Isn’t that what I’m doing already?”.

– A Mexican Parable

A Happy Life

This blog is about three things: pursuing purpose, being successful, and appreciating life.

Who wouldn’t want to be a successful and appreciative person who is living a life of purpose?

Point # 1. Purpose is personal. Your purpose is the unique contribution you will gift to the people around you. This blog aims to help you understand your personal purpose.

Point # 2: Success is the movement towards your personal purpose. If your purpose is personal, then it means your definition of success will also be personal. Your definition of success is yours alone – and no one else should tell you what it means.

Point # 3: Since success is personal, you are free to stop comparing yourself to others. And you are free to appreciate your life as it is.

About Me

I am 36 years old, a father of 4 kids, a husband of 1, and the leader of 500+ IT professionals at work.

The reality is that those numbers don’t mean anything – what matters are the stories behind those numbers. The stories of struggles, challenges, and breakthroughs.

Those are the stories I will share in this blog – and through those stories, I hope to help you appreciate life, pursue purpose, and be successful.

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