A Different Definition of Success

I started my entrepreneurship journey 6 months ago with a 6-1 winning streak. Meaning, of the 7 potential clients that reached proposal stage, 6 of them went ahead to secure my services. Only 1 declined. I felt like a genius!

Then October happened. And November. Over those two months, another streak happened: 0-9. All 9 proposals turned into a “NO” or a “NO REPLY” from the targets. I felt crushed. It’s never fun to be rejected no matter how many times you’ve already experienced it.

December started much better, as I am currently enjoying a 3-0 streak. But more important than the streak, I feel I’ve grown.

I’m not anymore too attached to winning and losing. Winning is great but it does not define me. Losing hurts but it also does not define me.

What will define me is how I played the game of Life . Did I play it the right way or not?

When you are winning, don’t be arrogant – because it’s just a temporary phase. When you are losing, don’t look down on yourself – because it’s also just a temporary phase.

Life isn’t about winning and losing – it’s about playing the game the right way – regardless of the result.

Keep doing what’s right. Be strong against the pressures to take shortcuts. If you can do that – regardless if you are winning or losing – then you have lived what I define, a successful life.

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